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Three Tips To Consider When Selling Inherited Property

February 22, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Many people, at one point or another, find themselves dealing with property they have inherited from a loved one that has died. While inheriting property can usually give a significant financial boost to the person receiving it, there are many times that the property is just not wanted. This means it must be sold before profit on the property can be realized.

For them to sell the property, the beneficiary will need to hand over the keys to a real estate agent with explicit instructions to sell the inherited property as fast as possible The real estate agent, then, will place the property on the market and get it sold the standard way. However, beneficiaries have some issues they ought to mull over.

First, many inherited properties are generally in poor shape, which means it needs to be repaired. If a home is in disrepair, it could be difficult for a real estate agent to list and sell. For that reason, the inherited property may stay on the market for quite some time and the sold price may be far less than the asking price.

Second, the agent may charge you a fee once the home is sold. While on the market, you may need to have the utilities turned on or you’ll need to redecorate the home. These expenses will need to be kept by the person who has the inheritance.

Third, you need to consider where the home is located. If you live far from where the property is located, you may need to take several long distance trips to visit it and the agent in charge of selling it. This is especially true on homes that must be repaired prior to being sold.

When you must contend with all this, it could take a big chunk of money from your inheritance after the property is sold. For that reason, you might want to privately sell your home at a good discount once you know you are inheriting the property.

If you’re looking to save some time and money, you should surrender some of the heritance in the beginning. Do you know what it means by probate?

 The official understanding of probate is:

A legal process that will settle the estate of a person who has died, thus resolving the claims and distributing the property under a valid will. It’s a service that the Surrogate Court gives that will confirm the deceased person’s will is valid. Once probated, everyone is able to rely on its legitimacy. Probate will protect the deceased’s instructions and confirms the person to be executor, will protect the family members’ interest that have claims against the property and protect the executor from lawsuits and claims.

Probate essentially means the deceased’s property will be watched over by the court to ensure that everything is done properly.

Many times there is a home or land that needs to be dealt with. Many times, the person who inherited the property has had no desire to receive this property and need to get it sold quickly so that they can use the money they receive the way they want.

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